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I’ve looked through the internet to find some glitches for cs_assault and found some interesting ones that I thought people might like to look through.

And the glitches I’ve found were boosting through roof (1 player crouches while the other player jumps on his head and both players jump and player 1 goes through the roof inside terrorist building.) (NOTE: If you do this in a server where there is hl_guard. You will get banned from that server for 24 hours by Steam.)

The second glitch is jumping from the red container down to the blue container and then jumping on the slope of the big building outside. (You will not lose any health.)

 The third glitch is also a jumping glitch. When you are on the ct tower you can jump on the slope of the truck antenna and you will not lose any health. This is very helpful in a tight spot.

The fourth glitch is when you are on the roof and you are a terrorist you can go on the slope of the roof and buy stuff even though you are not in the buy area.

The fifth glitch is if you jump on the ledge of the vents on the roof and then onto the vents, you wont make a noise.

The sixth glitch is if you are in the hostie room, you can press (E) at the places where the three cameras are on the other side, the cameras will work.

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