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Basic Info
Class: Engineer
Type: Defensive
Health: 125
Speed: 100%





Choosing to (usually) build and maintain helpful buildings for the team rather than engage in direct combat, the Engineer is a defensive class that can do many helpful things to give their team much more of a fighting chance. They are perhaps most known for their Sentry guns, automated turrets that can be upgraded via wrench whacks as the Engineer gathers Metal from downed units’ dropped weapons, ammo crates and even their own Dispensers (portable machines that replenish the health and ammo of nearby troops). They can also build Teleporters to quickly transport team-mates between two points on the map.

Engineers must keep in mind, however, that all of these constructed machines can be destroyed by enemies, and the builder or another Engineer should be on-hand for repairs should one wish to keep their creations running for long – especially if built closer to enemy territory.

Engineers aren’t completely out of the game in direct combat though; with a trio of generic, yet capable weapons and the ability to assist themselves by staying around their own buildings, they can put up a great fight and are adept in medium-to-close ranged combat.


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