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Minigun / Natascha

  • The heavy cuddles his gun to his cheek as though it were a baby and exclaims:
    • “You did well!”
    • “We make good team!”
    • “Kiss me.”






  • The heavy spins his shotgun around his finger, then performs the “cutthroat” gesture while saying:
    • “All of you are DEAD!”
    • “You, yes YOU! You are DEAD!”
  • (Note- The Heavy can also perform this taunt silently)






  • The heavy takes a hearty bite, showering chunks of food from his mouth including the distinctive “NOM NOMNOM.. OM NOM”. (taunting functions the same way as using the primary attack button)
  • Special: Using a short voice command immediately after activating the sandvich will trigger one of the following responses:
    • “Ahh, so filling! Hahaha!”
    • “Moist and delicious! Hehaha!”
    • “Sandvich make me strong!”
    • “I am full of sandvich, and I am coming for you!”
    • “Sandvich and I are coming for you!”
    • “Don’t run! It’s just ham.”
    • “Bologna is perfect fuel for killing tiny cowards!”
    • [singing] “Saww-ndvich, sandwich!”
    • [singing] “Me and my… sandwich.”
    • “What is that sandvich? “Kill them all”? Good idea! Hahaha!”
    • “Look at you tiny-itty-bitty men running from sandvich!”
    • “You are a loose cannon sandvich, but you are a damn good cop!”
    • [singing] “Sandvich and me going to beat your ass!”
    • “Kill them all! Hahaha!”
    • “Run from the sandwich!”
    • “Bologna! Hahahaha!”
    • “That vas delicious!”



  • With a flick of the wrists, the heavy mimics a quick-draw pistol showdown while shouting “Pow! Haha!”

(Note- Instant Kill for anyone unlucky enough to be hit by it from point blank to medium range)


Killing Gloves of Boxing

  • Two “knock-out” bells are heard and the Heavy starts doing uppercuts in the air. (This is an homage to Mr. Sandman’s warm-up technique from Punch Out!!)


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