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Basic Info
Class: Pyro
Type: Offensive
Health: 175
Speed: 100%






The Pyro has the unique ability to set enemies on fire at close range with his Flamethrower, inflicting damage over time through burning. With only a secondary Shotgun to supplement his short range, he must rely on Ambush tactics to catch opponents off-guard.

Pyros are major assets in locating enemy Spies. The Flamethrower will ignite both Cloaked and Disguised Spies; which, when combined with its spread, makes it ideal for finding a Spy attempting to hide or blend in.

Despite his place in the offensive category, the Pyro can also be a useful asset in defense, confusing incoming attackers and defending a Sentry or group of Sentries from meddling Spies. Another useful defensive application is defending Sniper spots from Spies, so the Snipers can do their jobs without fear.

Another useful asset of the Pyro class is their compression blast, allowing skilled Pyros to reflect projectiles back at their opponents and to clear areas of deadly sticky bombs.


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