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  • The scout slaps his thigh (as if riding a horse) and shouts:
    • “Whoooo!”
    • “Whoo hoo hoo!”
    • “Dat’s what I’m talking about!”





  • Pistol
    • The scout jogs in place, checking both his neck pulse and an imaginary watch while saying:
      • “I’m runnin’ circles around ya!”
      • “I’m not even winded!”
      • “Alright, I feel good.”




  • Bat
    • The scout spreads his arms and makes a quick downward motion while saying:
      • “Hey, knucklehead, I’m talking ta you! Bonk!”
      • “Yeah, why don’t you come over and say that to my face, tough guy? Bonk!”
      • “Hey, is someone keeping track-a-my heads batted in? Boink!”
      • “Who wants some-a this? Bonk!”
      • “Bonk!”
      • “Boink!”
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