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Basic Info
Used By: Scout
Slot: Primary
Ammo Info
Loaded: 6
Carried: 32

The Scattergun is the primary weapon for the Scout class. It is a short double-barreled shotgun with a wide cone of fire and high damage falloff. While deadly at close range, the scattergun becomes mediocre at medium range and near useless at a distance. Two shots at point blank is enough to down most classes. Other than a slightly increased damage and wider spread the scattergun is equal to the standard shotgun in all regards. If fired from a position touching a target, the attack is capable of causing Knockback.


  • Point Blank: 85-105
  • Medium Range: 10-40
  • Long Range: 3-10
  • Critical Hit: 180



Basic Info
Used By: Scout
Slot: Primary
Ammo Info
Loaded: 12
Carried: 36


The Pistol is the secondary weapon for the Scout and Engineer classes. Its accuracy, while not exceptional, is superior to that of the Scattergun or Shotgun. It is useful for hitting targets at medium or long range or as a last ditch effort when the primary weapon is out of ammunition. The Pistol is very useful for moving sticky bombs and taking out unsupervised sentry guns from outside of their range. The pistol suffers from medium damage falloff, despite being a single-projectile weapon. However, when fired at maximum speed, this weapon is formidable in the hands of an experienced player. The model for the weapon to bears a striking resemblance to the real life Walther PPK handgun. Neither the hammer or slide on the pistol model move when the gun is fired.


  • Point Blank: 20-22
  • Medium Range: 10-15
  • Long Range: 8-9
  • Critical Hit: 45



The Scout’s melee weapon is an aluminum baseball Bat. The bat does less damage per hit than any other melee weapon but swings considerably faster (roughly 30-40%). Doing slightly less than half the Scattergun’s damage at point blank range, the bat is normally used to finish an opponent when the Scattergun needs reloading or simply for additional humiliation. Its critical hit animation is a backhand swing from the left.


    • Point Blank: 24-46
    • Critical Hit: 105
  • Damages are approximate and determined by community testing.



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