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Basic Info
Class: Soldier
Type: Offensive
Health: 200
Speed: 80%






The bread and butter general assault unit, the Soldier is one of the most common and simple-to-understand classes, but that doesn’t make it one of the weakest. Infact, when played right the soldier can be one of the most dangerous classes in the field. Equipped with a rocket launcher as their primary draw and a large health pool without being terribly slow, they’re a great class for many offensive and defensive roles and easy to pick up and play. But with the slow stray of the rockets and the fact that he’s got them only four at a time makes the soldier difficult to master. Anticipating with them and knowing when to shoot is important.

Rocket jumping is one interesting technique they’re known for. Aiming your Rocket launcher toward the ground and shooting/jumping simultaneously will cause the Soldier to bound to incredible heights, at the cost of a bit of health. Once mastered, this skill allows Soldiers to pop up in unexpected places and assault enemies before they knew what hit ’em.

Arguably, the Soldier is also the best Medic partner when a Heavy isn’t around.


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